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Chapter 6

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Dan Dolderman

Chapter 6 LearningHOW DID THE BEHAVIORAL STUDY OF LEARNING DEVELOP Learning and enduring change in behavior resulting from experienceA benefir from experience resulting in being better adapted to enviromentAssociationdevelop through conditioning a process in which stimuli and behavioral response become connectedTwo types of conditioning a classical two types of events go together scary movie and heart beating fast b operant behavior leads to an outcome studyingbetter gradesJohn watson and behaviorism blank slate of people Behavioral responses are conditionedPavilovs salivary experiment looked at the learned response of dogs to salivate when they expected foodThe experiment Neutral stimulus provided aswell as the stimulus that provides the reflex Conditiong trial is the combination of these two stimuli and is repeated in trials and after a while the neutral stimuli resulted in exacting the same response as the reflex stimuli as the dog was classically conditionedIn the case of the food setting off salivation that was a unconditioned response UR Not learned The food itself is the unconditionedstimulus US Conditioned
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