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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 Mood DisordersKay Jamison first she had mania great energy and enthusiasm for everything fizzing over with ideas talking and thinking very fast and then she crashed into a depression slow to thinktalkmove joy was goneknown as bipolar disorder also known as manicdepressionOther major type of mood disorder is unipolar depression only depression no mania UNIPOLAR DEPRESSION Symptoms of DepressionDepression includes a variety of y Emotional symptomssadness depressed mood anhedonia loss of interestpleasure in usual activities irritability particularly in kids and adolescencey Physiological and behavioural symptomssleep disturbances hypersomnia or insomnia appetite disturbances psychomotor retardation or agitation catatonia unusual behaviours ranging from complete lack of movement to excited agitation fatigue and loss of energy y Cognitive symptomspoor concentration and attention indecisiveness sense of worthlessness or guilt poor selfesteem hopelessness suicidal thoughts delusions and hallucinations with depressing themesEmotional SyndromesMost common emotion is sadness deep unrelenting pain unbearable miserable no joyMany people say theyve lost interest in everything in life called anhedoniaeven when they try doing something enjoyable they may still feel no emotional reactionPhysiological and Behavioural Symptoms Many bodily functions disrupted changes in appetitesleepactivity levels can take many forms y Some lose their appetite some eat more than usual perhaps even binge eating y Some want to sleep all day some find it difficult to sleep and can experience a form of insomnia called early morning wakening awaken early on cannot go back to sleep y Many people are slowed down known as psychomotor retardationlack energy chronically fatiguedor can have psychomotor agitation physically agitated cant sit still Cognitive Symptoms Thoughts may be filled with themes of worthlessness guilt hopelessness and even suicideTrouble concentrating and making decisions seems as though the mind has slowed downCan experience delusions beliefs with no basis in reality and hallucinations involve seeing hearing or feeling things that arent realboth usually depressing and negative in contenty Ex some people have delusions that they committed a terrible sin that theyre being punished or that theyve killed or hurt someone etc y Ex may have auditory hallucinations where voices instruct them to kill themselves etc
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