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Chapter 14

RSM100Y1 Chapter 14 Notes

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Rotman Commerce
Michael Khan

RSM100Y1 Textbook Notes Chapter 14Data raw facts and figures that may or may not be meaningful to a business decisionInformation knowledge gained from processing dataData alone is useless unless it is interpreted and the relevant information is extrapolated o Ie data could be the sizes of various demographic groups this will not be of much use unless potential customers are identified within those groups the informationInformation system an organized method for collecting storing and communicating past present and projected information on internal operations and external intelligence o It can manage a huge flood of information by organizing data in a logical and accessible manner o Processing steps taken by a company can includeStoring data for later useClassifying and analyzing itRetrieving it easily when needed o The right information can help a firm keep uptodate with changing consumer demands competitors activities and recent government regulationsChief information officer CIO the executive responsible for managing a firms information systems and related computer technologies mainly employed by big firms o They often report directly to the CEO o They can understand and control technology so that the company can use one seamless operation to communicate both internally and externally o They have moved from a technical role to being a business partner can apply strong influence over a companys strategyInformation systems do not necessarily have to be computerbased they have been around since the beginning of civilization ie a card catalogue at a libraryComputerbased information systems information systems that use computer and related technologies to store information electronically in an organized accessible manner o Consists of four components and technologiesComputer hardwareRefers to the machines that range from supercomputers to smartphones and everything in betweenComputer softwareIncludes OSs ie Windows Linux etc and application programs ie Adobe Acrobat MS OfficeTelecommunications and computer networksRefers to the hardware and software needed to provided wired or wireless voice and data communicationsAlso includes support for external networks ie Internet and private internal networksData resource managementInvolves developing and maintaining an organizations databases so that decisionmakers can access the information they need when they need itDatabase a centralized integrated collection of data resources heart of any information system o A company can obtain one in many waysCan hire a staff person to build them on siteHire an outside source to build themBuy packaged database programs from specialized vendors ie Oracle o Acts as an electronic filing cabinet o It must be updated continually so that workers have relevant and pertinent data o Should only contain the necessary data that the workforce will need or else it can lead to an information overloadInformation overload too much data for people to absorb or data that is irrelevant or not meaningful wastes timeOne of the largest online databases is that of the Canadian Census o It is conducted every 5 years o Participants fill out forms answering questions aboutMarital statusPlace of birthEthnic backgroundCitizenshipWorkplacesCommuting timeIncomeOccupationType of housingNumber of telephones and vehiclesThe number of grandparents who are caregivers o There are certain restrictions that limit how people can access and use specific census data general public can still access the dataCompany websites also provide a source of free information o Anyone can access their sites to look for information about customers suppliers and competitorsInformation systems fall into one of two broad categories o Operational Support Systems
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