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Chapter 9

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John Oesch

Chapter 9 Empowermentgiving employees shared authority responsibility and decision making with their managersSharing information and decisionmaking authorityKeep employees informed about the financial performance o Better able to direct their work efforts to make use of company resources o Risk information reach competitorsGiving them broad authority to make decisionsLinking rewards to company performance ownership of companyEmployee stock ownership plans o Stocks of company as pension plan o Motivated to work harderStock options o Rights to buy a specified amount of company stock at a given price and time TeamsWork teamsrelatively permanent groups of employees with complementary skills who perform the daytoday work of organizationsDo what their name suggeststhe daily workWhen empowered they are selfmanaged teamsProblemsolving teama temporary combination of workers who gather to solve a specific problem and then disbandComprise knowledge workers who meet to solve specific problems then disbandSelfmanaged teama work team that has the authority to decide how its members complete their daily tasksWorks better when combining employees with a range of skills and functionsCan perform each others jobsReview goals and performance solve problems and explore new ideasCrossfunctional teama team made up of members from different functions such as production marketing and financeWork on specific problems or projectsAlso serve as permanent work teamsDifferent perspectives and skillsVirtual teamsgroups of geographically or organizationally separated coworkers who use telecommunications and information technologies to accomplish an organizational task
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