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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Ideology

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Irving Zeitlin

Chapter 10- Tocqueville 1805-1859 Democracy in America -grappled with both the Industrial and democratic revns -Feared the victory of the demos would lead to the erosion of the aristocratic values and institutions -The history of France showed that the rising masses made way for despotism -The American Revolution was free of despotism -Aristocracy: the rich land owners -First major work: Democracy in America -in America, people ruled, freedom, government based on separation of and balance of powers -never had an old regime nor a great industrial area, the absence of this made their form of order and liberty possible -one meaning of democracy: referred to the permanent revolt of the lower classes -described it as providential -In Europe, there needed to be a new science of politics for a new world, and the lack of this accounted for the extreme violence of the social conflict in France -the priviledged were bent on letting the people govern -democracy is evil and the benefits were ignored -Admired English politics like Montesqieu -brought to America free institutions, the township -at the beginning, the middle-class fought against the growth of an aristocracy -in North and in New Engl
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