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Chapter 14

Reading for Week 6. Book: Social Problems, Chapter: 14

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SP14: Populations, Cities and Neighbourhoods Julian Simon: humans as the ultimate resource. To solve problems we dont need fewer ppl, but better educated ppl. A better organized humanity is the solution. Very innovative under difficulties. Population growth and imperfections on how societies are run; worsen urban problems. World Population in Context Two stages, slow growth till industrialization (1700s), then exponential growth. Now, growth rates are slowing down. Most growth in developing countries; developed countries share of pop will be halved. Excessive population growth problem of the past. How though? The demographic transition Shift in demographic patterns from high [birthdeath] rates to low [birthdeath] rates. In four stages: (1) highhigh; (2) industrialization =>highlow (explosive growth), (3) medlow =>slower increase, (4) post industrial stage => lowlow=> no pop growth. Canada may even be past this stage. William Goode: World Rev and family patterns. How the development of the world changes family dynamics (demographic transition idea). Contrasting Perspective on Pop Change Malthusian Position (Thomas Malthus) Geometrical growth (exponential) of pop. Subsistence materials grow arithmetically. Well run out of food. Solutions: 1. Positive checks: prevent overpopulation by increasing death rate 2. Preventive checks; prevent by limiting birth rate Criticism: 1. Some nations will handle populations problems peacefully, not war www.notesolution.com
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