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What are social problems?

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WHAT IS A SOCIAL PROBLEM? Social problem Is a social condition or pattern of behaviour that is believed to warrant public concern and collective action SOCIOLOGY AND THE STUDY OF SOCIAL PROBLEMS OBJECTIVE AND SUBJECTIVE ELEMENTS Objective elements The measurable features of a negative social condition; such a condition might include crime, poverty or alcohol abuse and can be considered an objective reality Subjective elements Peoples evaluations of objective conditions and the processes that influence their evaluations; they include the moral label that people apply to particular acts or situations, and the accounts they give for those acts and situations SOCIAL PROBLEMS AND THE SOCIOLOGICAL IMAGINATION Micro level analysis focuses on interactions of individuals in small groups Peoples understanding and experience of social problems at the local, personal level Macro level analysis focuses on the societal level; explores the ways that social trends occurring within major bureaucratic and social institutions, such as the economy and the government, effect population as a whole SOCIAL PROBLEMS RESEARCH AS A MORAL ENTERPRISE Sociology is an engaged, progressive and optimistic discipline, founded on a optimistic notion that a society can be improved through research and the application of the research based knowledge Sociological research on social problems is guided by seven valued preferences Life over death Health over sickness Knowing over not knowing www.notesolution.com
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