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Chapter 5

social problems chapter 5 notes

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Chapter 5 Sexualities Sexual Orientation - homosexuality an attraction, physical and emotional, to people of the same sex - sexual orientation sexual attraction to people of a particular sex (or sexes) - queer an umbrella term for anyone who does not identify as heterosexual o term considered offensive by some o alternative: LGBTQ acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer - early 20 century: most people felt that sexuality is fixed and binary, and normal people were either entirely heterosexual or entirely homosexual - 1940s50s: Alfred Kinsey showed that human sexual orientation lies on a continuum, with heterosexuality at one end and homosexuality at the other o most people are not entirely heterosexual or homosexual o also noted that people often do not act on their sexual desires for ear of attracting censure or stigma perhaps the blurring of the line between heterosexuality and homosexuality lead some people to enforce the boundary with special rigour may contribute to behaviour such as homophobia Numbering the Homosexual Population - general agreement on several matters o first, it is likely the concentration of homosexuals is greater in some communities (ex. in cities rather than rural areas) o second, though the homosexual population may reach as high as 10% in some populations, the overall proportion of homosexuals is far closer to 1-2% of the national population o third, male homosexuals are invariably found to be more numerous than female homosexuals - McCabe et al. study shows difficulty associated with numbering the homosexual population o 2% identified themselves as homosexual o 4% reported at least one same-sex partner during their lifetime o 6% reported sexual attraction to members of the same sex Gender Binary and Transgendered People - many societies consider sex central to a persons social identity o therefore the idea of changing of blurring genders, or crossing gender lines, troubles many people - transgendered an umbrella term for any gender-variant person o do not and cannot identify with their birth sex and socially assigned gender www.notesolution.com
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