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Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 Schools and Formal Education FunctionalistLatent and manifest functionsManifest function is to give all students basic literacy and numeracyUniversities liberal arts curriculum prepares people to be informed citizens professional curriculum valuable members of workforce Critical TheoryLatent functions schools house unemployed young peopleHidden curriculum teaches students their proper place in societyNot to give students human capital and skills but to train obedienceMeritocratic system teaches students to be accountable for their work Symbolic InteractionismTeaches people how to dress and behave to fit their roles ex Doctors lawyers Jencks and Reiman points out that colleges are trending towards researchbased and neglecting undergraduate teachingEducation system works like funnel top colleges receive top students from high school and so onColleges without heavy research all PhD faculty and specialized curriculum are labeled subparMeritocracy system where reward is related to accomplishments and every person and equal chancesThe Adolescent Society by Coleman finds that academic achievement is not as important as looks and athletic abili
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