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Chapter 12

Deviance and Social Control - Chapter 12 Notes

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Nathan Innocente

Chapter 12Conflict Critical and Postmodernist Theoriescritical and conflict theoriesdeviance is made as an excuse to control peoplecriminalization of people done for capitalistic capitalism interestssolutionoverthrow capitalismfocus on the underdogscriticize the conditions making underdogs and high classes of people who exploit themfocuses on structures giving some more advantagesleaving others in moralmaterial wantdeviants are just trying to make the best of unequal opportunitieslooks at the ignorance poverty greed etc in societydue to capitalismrules are made by powerful peopleregulate the powerlessrules preserve preferred way of life for powerful peopleeven if harms othersrules are broken by people out of need in protest of the system or because they system has messed them up so much that they couldnt conformconflictcritical theory share 7 propositionspower is the most important explanatory variableconflict theoryeconomic class most important source of powercritical theoryother sources given more importancegroups with clashing interests and unequal resources competeproducing winners and losersgroups struggle to have their versions of rightwrong established as status quo in societymakes other groups customs deviantdefinitions of crime and regulations are weapons in power struggle between groupstry to get their own rules enforceddeviance is not normal or inevitablerules broken because something wrong with how society is structuredsource of deviance not in body or mindbut is in unequal relationships with peoplecritical theorists are involved in building a bottomup resistanceto change the existing structures of domination and inequalityaka liberation sociologytrying to change capitalismValueNeutrality and Praxisvalueneutralitytry to study strictly empiricallyno emotional attachmentpraxiscombining knowledge and activism
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