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Chapter 1

Computer Science 1032A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Spreadsheet

Computer Science
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Louis Magguilli

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Chapter 1 IS and You
5 Components of IS
Hardware, Software, Data, Process, People
Comparison between IS & IT
IT is raw technology that includes methods, invention, standard and
product. Without human, IT doesn’t work. The di'erence between IS
and IT is that IS is manipulated by people while IT is pure technology.
ICT Industry
The GDP and earnings in this industry are higher than the average and
are having a increasing trend.
Basic business uses in IS:
- E-mail
- Accessing Web pages􏰂
- Using Word Processors & Spreadsheet software 􏰂
- Creating presentations􏰂
- Instant messages
Firms that want to have a competitive advantage in its
industry need to:
- Think creatively􏰂
- Create innovative applications using emerging technologies
- Need to expand and include: 􏰂
1. Mobile devices􏰂
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