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Chapter 15

Chapter 15 on Alcohol Use

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Western University
Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1001A/B
Bert Carron

White 1 Chapter 15: Alcohol Use  Pregnancy effects  miscarriage, fetal alcohol syndrome (facial deformities, heart defects, Health Canada: disabilities), alcohol related neurodevelopmental disorder  79.3% of Canadians reported alcohol consumption in past year Alcohol Abuse – recurrent use that has negative  44% reported drinking weekly consequences, such as drinking in dangerous situations  Males more likely than females to report or patterns that result in academic, professional drinking in past year interpersonal, or legal difficulties  Highest drinking rates among 18-24  Dependence usually includes physical tolerance  Approx. 95% of university students consume  Through car crashes and other injuries, it’s the and withdrawal  Don’t have to be an alcoholic to have problems leading cause of death among 15-24 Alcohol Warning Signs of Alcohol Abuse  Ethyl Alcohol is the common psychoactive  Drinking alone or secretively  Using Alcohol deliberately to get through ingredient in all alcoholic beverages  Absorbed into the bloodstream in GIT difficult situations  Discomfort when alcohol is unavailable  Distributed throughout body affecting nearly every body system  Increased consumption over established drinking pattern  Main metabolism site is liver  Heavy consumption in risk situations i.e. driving  Can metabolize ½-3/4 of a drink/hr  More consumed than metabolized, blood  Getting drunk regularly  Drinking in the morning or unusual times alcohol concentration (BAC) rises  BAC depends on Binge Drinking – pattern of use that brings BAD up to  Sex, weight, body fat 0.08%+  Water content in body’s tissues  Alcohol concentration  Survey of students on 100+ college campuses:  Rate and volume of consumption  44& reported binge drinking on at least 2 occasion in the 2 weeks prior Effects of Chronic Use of Alcohol  23% binge drank at least 3 times in the  Abusers live 10-12 years less 2 weeks prior  Men more likely to binge than women  Cirrhosis – liver cells are destroyed and replaced with fibrous scar tissue (fibrosis)  White students had highest rates 
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