Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B Chapter 10: Chapter 10

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B
Kyle Cameron

Mos 2181 chapter 10 Relation Mechanisms: communications Communication: the process by which information and meaning is transferred from a sender to a receiver. In the communication process, the encoded message is transmitted to a receiver, who needs to interpret or decode the message to form an understanding of the information it contains. Face to face communication: the exchange of information and meaning when one or more individuals are physically present, and where communication occurs without the aid of any mediating technology. Natural, immediate, and embody a comprehensive interdependence act and react. gold standard of communication. When there is discrepancy between the verbal and nonverbal messages, nonverbal message is more reliable. Verbal communication: a form of communication in which messages are sent and received using written and spoken language. People would engage in reading, writing, speaking andor listening, when they are communicating. Primary way Nonverbal communication: any form of information exchange that does not involve spoken or written words. Eg. Ones deliberate or unconscious use of body language to convey information: inflection, tone, and volume of their voice, hand gestures, and facial expression, smell Famous management guru Peter F. Drucker: the most important thing in communication is hearing what is not said. action speak louder than words. 7090 of a messages meaning is conveyed by body language. A lesson Alex Hitch: 60( communicate by body language) + 30(tone) = 90 (saying not come from mouth) ComputerMediated Communication: the exchange of information and meaning using an electronic, digital medium. Both an omnipresent and unavoidable reality in virtually all organizations. Enhanced the flow of communication, used to connect and coordinate intra organizational activities. Web 2.0: describes websites and applications through which users actively interact, create collaborate, and communicate.
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