Power Politics and Ethics

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B
Tony Francolini

Power PoliticsEthicsPower DefinePower is the capacity to influence others who are dependent Bases of power and power moves contribute to powerModerators interfere and eventually lead to the outcome Bases of PowerBased on the position one occupies or the resources that one is able to commandPositionoLegitimateby virtue of ones positionoRewardsby virtue of controlling reward systemsoCoercionby virtue of controlling punishment systems PersonaloReferentby virtue of being the attractive rolemodeloExpertby virtue of possessing knowledge or experience Employee Responses to Bases of PowerHow Do People Obtain Power1By doing certain activitiesExtraordinary activitiesHighly visible activitiesRelevant activities 2By developing informal relationships with the right peopleNetworkingIn control of association linkageoSupervisorsoOutsidersAssociated with nodeoSubordinates
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