Management and Organizational Studies 3343A/B Chapter 3: 3343 T&D Chapter 3 Textbook Notes

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3343A/B
Linda Eligh

TD Chapter 3 Textbook Notes Opening vignette Abbot Point Purchased automated equipment need highly skilled workforce to successfully + efficiently manage it, and meet quality + safety stds Microelectronics manufacturer apprenticeship program mandatory and inhouse during work hours Demonstrates importance of learning in orgs What is learning? Learning the process of acquiring knowledge + skills, and a change in individual beh as a result of some experience Training is the means for accomplishing the goal, and the goal is learning Learning occurs when one experiences a new way of acting, thinking, or feeling, finds the new pattern gratifyinguseful, and incorporates it into the repertoire of behs When a beh has been learned, its a skill In training, the most fundamental issue is whether trainees have learned what was covered in a training program Learning outcomes Learning can be described in terms of domainsoutcomes of learning
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