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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 3366E
Nigmendra Narain

READINGS WEEK 22 SNOW CHAPTER 12 GLOBALIZATIONPRECISGlobalization the implication is that the process is global suggesting a universality of application that has not really occurred in any systematic way to all reaches of the worldImpact on virtually every corner of the globeThe most extensive application of principles of economic integration has been in highly developed Europe through the EUSpreading globalization is a good business but approaches to globalization are steeped in capitalist economies that are conspicuously welfare valuelessAdvocacy goes beyond their theoretical reach but many see extension as a social as well as economic benefitThe first question centers on whether or to what extend alleviating the underdevelopment of poorer parts of the world is an obligation of the more developed worldThe second question is about how the developed world should approach the task of developmentMajor controversies surrounding that extension which in turn reflect the bases of globalization and that culminate a series of effective requirements for becoming part of globalization symbolically known as the Washington consensusCONTROVERSIES AND DYNAMICS How its extended to places that dont currently enjoy its fruits are not matters so universally accepted CONTROVERSIESThe first is that globalization is a distinctively western construct based on theories of economic activity that are western at base and that reflect western economic and political preferences and practicesWashington consensus which represents a set of rules of economic practice that govern participation in the globalized economy and that are discussed later in the chapter Countries are effectively required to adopt the values and practices of the Washington consensusThe second controversy surrounds the cultural impacts of embracing the Washington consensusinevitably entails becoming like the countries that are members of the system capitalist consumer oriented societies that eventually adopt both the cultural aspects of the west and many of its outward trappings
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