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Published on 18 Apr 2013
Western University
Psychology 2720A/B
Social Psychology
Chapter 14 Social Psychology in your Life
Social Psychology and your career
Business and Organizations
There are at least three important differences between doing research in a cooperate setting
and doing it in an academic setting
First, and academic researcher publishes articles in scientific journals with the goal of sharing
that research with all who are interested in the world of business research, most of the
results stay within the company, when such research is shared, it is done much less formally
than in scientific journals
Second, the audience for academic researchers is primarily other academic researches
within ones own area of specialization
Finally, academic research is usually an individual process, whereas corporate research
environments tend to be organized around teams of researchers which requires the social
psychologist to work hand in hand with researchers from different fields
The department of national defense research conducted in these organizations tends to be
driven by the priorities of the government, rather than the priorities of the individual researchers
The research agenda is set by the company’s priorities
The funding agencies have developed very elaborate systems for reviewing grant proposals
Not only do they evaluate the scientific merit of the proposed research they also take into
account the relevance to society and the likelihood that the research will contribute to the
solution of an important problem
The regulatory agencies of the federal and provincial governments are responsible for ensuing
compliance with laws and regulations
A large number of consulting companies employ social psychologists to help advise lawyers and
their clients when it comes to jury selection and trial strategies
Social psychology has also been put very productive use in advising police departments in their
use of criminal lineups
Many different instances in which as lawyer could make good use of social psychology
The courtroom setting is one that is rich in social psychological phenomena: persuasion, social
influence, and group (jury) decision making
Health and medicine
Bio psychological model: which emphasizes that good health and illness are determined by a
combination of biological, social, and psychological factors
They recognize how social processes bear on learning and education outcomes
Just a few examples will give you a good sense of how social psychology can offer important
o In the typical classroom children are motivated by external rewards
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