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Chapter 16

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Sociology 2206A/B
Stacey Hallman

Chapter 16 Content Analysis Most content analysis of the media is likely to entail several research questions generally the five Ws are the basis of any news reporto Who does the reporting o What gets reported o Where does the issue get reported o Why does the issue get reportedAnother common theme in content analysis is change in the coverage of an issue over timeContent analysis can be performed on unstructured interviews and even qualitative cause studies of organizationso If you were interested in gender roles you might look atAnimated cartoon lyrics of popular songs visual images in womens and mens magazinesWhat things need to be countedIn quantitative studies these elements are usually specified in advance in order to guide both the selection of the media to be analyzed and the construction of the coding schedule WordsDetermining the frequency in which words are usedSimple counting of particular words can reveal emphasis style of writing or presentation and even the overplaying of certain eventsThe search for pairings of keywords can be the starting point for a more in depth analysis Subjects and ThemesRequired to code text in terms of subjects and themesThe researcher at this point looks for the underlying meaning or latent content as well as the obvious or manifest content Value PositionsA further level of interpretation is likely when the researcher is seeking to demonstrate that the writer of a particular text has taken a certain value positionAnother way in which content analysis can reveal value positions is through the coding of ideologies beliefs and principlesFound that women were more likely than men to advertise themselves in terms of their appearance and men are more likely to advertise themselves in terms of their employmentCodingCoding is a crucial part of content analysis
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