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Chapter 19

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Hyu Yong

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Gender and Victimization Risk Among Young Women in Gangs Introduction: - Examines how gendered situational dynamics shape gang violence, including participation in violent acts and experiences of victimization - Based on interviews with 20 female gang members-> Found that being member increases risk of victimization (greater for women) and limits involvement in serious criminal activity - Girls, Gangs and Crime: - Little attention was given to women in gangs-> Exclusive emphasis on girls sexuality/sexuality activity with male gang members not on deviance - Male gang members are more frequent but young women involved in gangs is becoming a more prominent trend - Methodology: - Came from in depth interviews with 20 female gang members (12-17 years of age) - Most were African American and a minority were white - First step was to begin discussing how the girls got in the gang, followed by structure of gang, then gendered issues within the gang, followed by exploring the gang in a general sense and concluding with why people joined there gangs/what they liked/disliked - Setting: - Gangs primarly constituted by teenagers with one adult as the OG (leader) - Overall girls were a minority numerically - Gangs are male dominated structures but there is increasing evidence that we can n
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