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Chapter 45

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Tristan Long

Chapter45PopulationEcology03212012EcologyEcologists study levels of organization ranging from individual organisms to the biosphereStudy of the interactions between organisms biotic and their environments abioticTesting hypothesesEcologists use experimental or observational dataField or laboratory studies used to test predictions by manipulating variablesData collected about natural experiments do not require manipulationsSometimes hypotheses framed in mathematical modelsAllows computer models to simulate natural events and largescale experimentsThe science of ecologyBasic ecologyFocuses on undisturbed natural systemsApplied ecologyConsiders effects of human disturbanceOverarching goal of ecology is to understand the causes and consequences of changes of populationcommunity structureWhat characters to studyGeographic rangeHabitatPopulation sizePopulation densityPopulation dispersionAge structureGeneration timeSex RatioProportion of individuals in reproductive conditionGeorgraphic range Geographic Range Overall spatial boundaries within which a population livesHabitat Specific environment in which a population lives as characterized by its biotic and abiotic featuresPopulation Density and Body Size Relationship between size and density often indicates information about resources usedEstimating Population SizeOften a difficult taskToo manyCrypticMarkRecapture methodology is one solution
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