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Laura Allan

Case Analysis (Pg. 83-103 Lab Manual) How To Read A Case 1. Most cases should be read at least twice 2. Read the case well ahead of time 3. Start by reading the first page or so to understand the situational content 4. Quickly skim the rest of case, noting headings and first few sentences 5. Quickly leaf through the exhibits 6. Once done above steps, read case normally 7. As doing a thorough look, look at exhibits as referred to in the case to understant context 8. Seperate fact from opinion 9. Reread case How To Prep For Discussion  Focus on: o The key issues in the case and their relevance to course content o The analytical tools you can use in the case o How you will focus your analysis Case Analysis Tools Case Analysis Process  Issue Identification  Situation Analysis  Decision Criteria  Identification and Evaluation of Alternatives  Implementation  Contingency Plan Financial Analysis  Ratio Analysis o If financial statements included, look at what you are given o What questions the ratios can help answer o Analyze the impact of alternatives on profitability  Time Value Of Money o Compare alternatives to determine which gives you the best net present value o Find discounted rate of return you will earn on investment o Compare alternatives without needing to have a specific rate of return to calculate NPV  Projected Statements o Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Cost-Benefit Analysis  Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis - Breakeven and Contribution o Determine breakdown of companies costs into fixed or variable o Know if and when can make money and the level you will need to sell o Contribution is what is left over onc
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