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Steve Risavy

Chapter 7: Selection  process of choosing among individuals who have been recruited to fill existing or projected job openings Selection Ratio: the ratio of the number of applicants hired to the total number of applicants Selection Ratio = Number of Applicants Hired Total Number of Applicants  Small ratio (ex. 1:2) means limited number of applicants to select from, may be low quality recruits. When this happens, better to start recruitment over again The Selection Process Typical Steps in Selection Process 1. Preliminary Applicant Screening 2. Selection Testing 3. Selection Interview 4. Background investigation/reference checking 5. Supervisory interview and realistic job preview 6. Hiring decision and candidate notification Step 1: Preliminary Applicant Screening  By using technology, they are able to screen large groups, generate short lists of individuals moving to the next step Step 2: Selection Testing  Tests and procedures are only useful if they are reliable and valid measures Importance of Reliability and Validity Reliability: The degree to which interviews, tests, and other selection procedures yield comparable data overtime; the degree of dependability, consistency, or stability of the measures used Validity: accuracy with which a predictor measures what it is intended to measure  Differential Validity: Confirmation that the selection tool accurately predicts the performance of all possible employee subgroups, including white males, women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities, and Aboriginal people  3 types of validity are relevant to selection: - Criterion-Related Validity: the extent to which a selection tool predicts or significantly correlates with important elements of work behaviour  Ex. Show strong sales ability in interview, will have high sales on job - Content Validity: the extent to which a selection instrument, such as a test adequately samples the knowledge and skills needed to perform the job  Ex. Asking secretarial position to demonstrate word processing skills as required on the job, has high content validity - Construct Validity: the extent to which a selection tool measures a theoretical construct or trait deemed necessary to perform the job successfully. Ex. Of constructs: Intelligence, verbal skills, analytic ability, leadership Tests of Cognitive Abilities (mental)  Intelligence Tests  Emotional Intelligence Tests  Specific Cognitive Abilities - Aptitude tests: tests that measure an individual’s aptitude or potential to perform a job, provided he/she is given proper training ex. Mechanical comprehension Measuring Personality and Interests  Personality Tests: instruments used to measure basic aspects of personality, such as introversion, stability, motivation, neurotic tendency, self-confidence, self-sufficiency, and sociability  Interest Inventories: tests that compare a candidate’s interests with those of people in various occupations Micro Assessments:  Entirely performance based testing strategy that focuses on individual performance Physical Examination and Substance Abuse Testing  Medical examinations  Substance abuse testing avoid hiring employees that have unnecessary risks  In Canada, substance abuse is considered a disability, cannot be discriminated against Step 3: The Selection Interview Selection Interview: a procedure designed to predict future job performance on the basis of applicants’ oral responses to oral inquiries Interview Structure Unstructured Interview  Conversational, unstructured style interview  Low reliability and validity Structured Interview  An interview following a set
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