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Shawn Komar

Chapter 6: Recruitment The Strategic Importance of Recruitment Recruitment is the process of searching out and attracting qualified job applicants, which begins with identification of a position that requires staffing and is completed with resumes and or complete applications forms are revived from an adequate number of applicants. Organizations with superior recruiting practices financially outperform those with less effective programs. Recruiters is a specialist in recruitment, whose job it is to find and attract capable candidates. The Recruitment Process 1. Job opening are identified through HR planning 2. The job requirements are determined 3. Appropriate recruiting sources and methods are chosen. 4. Apool of qualified recruits is generated Sometimes policies affect the decision process such as promote from within, compensation policies, employment equity plan, and inducements offered by competitors. Recruiting within the Organization There are many advantages from hiring from within, as it increases morale, commitment, and performance, thus decreasing the chance that they leave. Managers are provided with longer-term perspective. In general it's safer since you already know the performance level and skills this person offers. Less orientation than outsiders do People who don't get the job get discouraged and shit managers might be required to post the job opening for all, but already know who they are going to hire. Thus wasting time. Being one of the “bros”, now as boss, your a “dick” Possibility of inbreeding, and hiring their own management team Job Posting The process of notifying current employees about vacant positions, usually by the website. Human Resources Records records are often consulted to ensure that qualified individuals are notified in person of vacant positions. Skills Inventories referring to such inventories ensures that qualified internal candidates are identified and considered for transfer or promotion when opportunities arise. Limitations of Recruiting from Within Recruiting Outside the Organization generation of larger pool of qualified candidates availability of a more diverse applicant pool, (equity goals) acquisition of rivalry and competition cause by employees jockeying for transfers and promotions potential saving, if already trained Planning External Recruitment yield ratio is the percentage of applicants that process to the next stage of selection process. For example, if the company knows they hire 1 of 6 uni students, or 1 of 4 other applicants. If they have one position, they can pick 6 students to interview. Maybe 100 leads must be generated to hire 50 accountants. Time-lapse is the time difference of sending your application, and actually working. External Recruitment Methods Online Recruiting Internet Job Boards: monster.ca, its fast, easy, convenient, customizable.Also it works the opposite way, where people can post their resumes and let companies to search the database. However there is a problem with privacy and copying. Corporate Web Sites: There is a lot of volume. The website should include information about culture, career paths, and business prospects. Third party information. Different sections for students, part-time, full time, etc. Organize by location. Standardized application tool. Print Advertising 1. ad should attract attention 2. develop interest in the job, location, specifications, duties, challenges 3. create a desire for the job, unique benefits, target audience should be noted 4. should instigate action, “call today” Want ads: a recruitment ad describing the job and its specs, the compensation package, and the hiring employer. So applicants know who should send in. Blind ads: recruitment ad in which the identity and address of employer are not shown. Private Employment Agencies clerical staff, functional specialist and technical employees. You might use them because, you don't have an HR department. Cannot generate the qualified pool big enough filled position quickly recruit people faster then attract it's own Executive Search Firms employers retain executive search firms to fill critical positions in a firm, usually middle to senior level of processional and managerial employees. The CPC signifies that recruiters have met specific education and testing requirements and confirms an individuals commitment to the best industry practices. Walk-Ins and Write-Ins I
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