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Chapter 5

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Don Morgenson

The Nature of ConsciousnessConsciousness the awareness of internal and external stimuli We maintain some degree of awareness when we are asleep and sometimes when we are under anesthesia Some psychologists suggest that attention and its basis in our neural networks may be a concept that could serve as a unifying concept in psychologyFrancis CrickoWon Nobel Prize for his work examining DNAoConsidered consciousness and its basis in neural cell assemblies to be one of the most important fundamental issue in all of science todayVariations in Awareness and ControlAttention and consciousness are related but you can have one without the other Mind Wandering refers to peoples experience of taskunrelated thoughtsoThoughts that are not related to what they are intentionally trying to do at a given moment It is estimated that people spend 1550 of their time mind wandering Controlled processes judgements or thoughts that we exert some control over that we intend to occur Unconscious Thought EffectsAp Dijksterhuis oUnder some circumstances the quality of decisions made under conditions when individuals do not have the opportunity
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