YC230 Chapter 5: YC230 Chapter 5

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Youth & Children's Studies
Annette Chretien

Chapter 5 al forms of cultural circumstances call for the performance of music as music servers function ranging form religious and social rituals to celebration of life, the seasons, the holidays music making figures prominently into so many realms of our lives because it is meaningful and useful many are draw to performance music, in many cultures, and they learn their repertoires and performance techniques through informal encultrative processes growing up in the culture and through arduous hours of listening to their mentors and masters attempting to perform what the have heard, taking in critical comments, adjusting their attempts and practicing underlie their performance attains a level that is passable if not a prefect rendering of the music the presence of listening at every step of the way toward the performance of these musical expressions is the essence of enactive listening a learning phase and instructional process that is relevant to students of every age music can be brought to performance level by students through the combined us of notation and continued careful listening to the selections and styles the goal of enactive listening, third and deepest level of listening is to utilize listening as the guided to stylistically appropriate performance oralaural means of learning is a development form the theoretical notions based upon observations of teaching an learning in various cultures benefit from opportunity to listen to the timbral qualities of instruments and voices their attacks and decays, the dynamic floor of a piece its melodic and rhythmic components and the interplay of multiple parts musicians in a variety of the worlds cultures find notation to be a useful aid perhaps imperfect and yet given to graphically guide the recreation of the essence of musical work style of culture o when couple with careful and continuous listening, notation can support and enhance the experience of performance as enactive listening notation alone does not get it although it can be helpful when even the mere act of listening to other works within the same musical tradition can greatly inform student musicians of the gist the signal and salient features of the style that should be considers notation may be time effective it is useful to lead student in learning music from the oral presentation by their teacher of segments and whole pieces
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