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Chapter 1

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Peter Modir

The Context of Business Chapter 1 - the organization: an open system made up of social entities, goals and interactions with the environment - organizations are dependent on the changes in the environment and can be viewed as social systems - external forces must be considered all around the world for a successful organization - Inputs (physical & human resources, technology) > process (manufacturing into goods/services) > outputs (goods generated) > feedback etc - Closed systems are self sufficient entities with no environmental interaction - Specific or task environment: external stakeholders have direct influence on the organization’s ability to gain resources to create outputs - General environment: the sphere surrounding the organization’s specific environment which influences its ability to obtain resources to create outputs. Factors include: o labour (employment rates, skills of workers, state of environment, impact of unions, immigration, using visible minorities) o economic (booms > expansion, extra training, more R & D, recessions > downsizing, cuts in training, end of traditional work ways. Overall state of the economy, the market, possible profits, goals to increase GDP) o political (government deregulation, reduction of trade barriers, rotation of political leaders) o societal (increasing education, immigration, women in the workforce, organizational justice, consumer tastes) o competition (globalization, domestic & foreign competition for consumer dollar creates new ways to serve customers) o technological (how companies adjust to and use advances in technology, competition with online shopping & prices, decreasing margins) o global (companies and products all over the world, the needs/wants of the consumer, outsourcing leads to competitive advantage, NAFTA, global events) - Canadian Tire is a good example of a company that changes based on its environment; cut senio
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