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Chapter 5

ADMS 2511 Chapter 5

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2511
Cristobal Sanchez- Rodriguez

CHAPTER 5: NETWORK APPLICATIONS 5.1 Network Applications - Networks support businesses and other organizations in all types of functions - These functions fall into the following major categories Discovery Search Engines and Metasearch Engines - Search engines: a computer program that searches for specific information, by keywords and reports the result - Metasearch engines: search several engines at once and integrate the findings of the various search engines to answer queries posted by users Publication of Material in Foreign Languages - Multilingual websites are now a competitive necessity because of the global nature of the business environment - It is not enough for companies to translate web content, they must localize that content and be sensitive to the needs of the people in local markets Portals - Portal: is a web-based, personalized gateway to information and knowledge that provides relevant information from different IT systems and the internet using advanced search and indexing techniques o Commercial Portals: offer content for diverse communities and they are the most popular portals on the internet o Affinity Portals: support communities such as hobby groups or political parties o Corporate Portals: offer a personalized, single point of access through a web browser to critical business information located inside and outside of an organization o Industrywide Portals: for entire industries Communication - E-mail - Web-based Call Centers - Electronic Chat Rooms - Voice Communication (VIOP) Collaboration - Collaboration: refers to efforts by two or more entities (individuals, groups or organizations) who work together to accomplish a certain task - Work group: individuals who act together to perform some task - Virtual group: group members in different locations. (virtual meetings) - Virtual Collaboration: use of digital technologies that enable organizations or individuals to collaboratively plan, design, develop, manage and research products, services and innovative applications Workflow Technologies - Workflow: the movement of information as it flows through the sequence of steps that makes up an organizations work procedures - Workflow management makes it possible to pass documents, information and tasks from one to another in a way that is governed by the organizations rules or procedures. Groupware - Groupware: software products that support groups of people who collaborate to accomplish a common task or goal - use networks to connect people - Groupware technologies are often integrated with other computer-based technologies to create groupware suites o Electronic Teleconferencing o Real-Time Collaboration Tools  help companies bridge time and space to make decisions and to collaborate on projects 5.2 Web 2.0 - A loose collection of information technologies and applications and the websites that use them - Enrich the use experience by encouraging user participation, social interaction and collaboration Web 2.0 Information Technologies and Applications - Ajax: a web development technique that allows portion of web pages to reload with fresh data instead of requiring the entire web page to reload. Process speeds up response time and increases user satisfaction - Tagging: keyword or term that describes a piece of information - Blogs and Blogging: a personal website, open to the public, in which the site creator expresses his or her feelings or opinions - Wikis: website on which anyone can post material and make changes to other material - Really Simple Syndication(RSS): allows users to receive the information they want, when they want it, without having to surf thousands of websites - Podcasts or Videocasts: digital audio or video file that is distributed over the web using RSS for playba
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