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Jean Adams

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MGMT 1000 Notes Week 8 PowerPoint Notes • Importance of cultivating trust o Can not buy trust o Attract good employees o Should be trustworthy personally o Trust and career should go hand in hand • Ripple effects of words and actions o Butterfly effect o Vicious loop o Be sure to have an exit Other notes: • Speakers o Think out of the box can be successful o work hard and pushing boundries will define success o Keep insight that others do influence you o Family is not always right but important to find your own way o Things done on daily basis can impact something o Retail important part of business o Network will help – find the company and role Tutorial: PowerPoint Notes • Evaluating performance o Set expectations o Measure performance from the expectations • diagnosing a problem o understand the problem o refer to why the problem occurred • Giving and receiving feedback o Be honest in giving feedback o Learn from the mistakes making one more successful and a better person o When receiving feedback, be positive and do not get offensive when receiving negative feedback Readings: 8.0: Managing Employees: The Importance of Leadership 8.1: Empower People to Make a Difference • Organizations have to make contexts where people are encouraged to step forward and use their skills, insights and intelligence • Organizations must flatten hierarchies • Senior Execs: dislike this because it allows middle managers to abdicate responsibility and dodge their leadership role. Also creates the impression that employees can do as they wish • Middle Managers: fear they may not be left with much to do • The Lower Employees: they don’t want to be empowered because they feel like that’s more work; OR they find it insulting because they think they are already empowered and don’t use it • Empowerment in two ways:  Delegation and control within clearly defined boundaries managers give framework and employees fill it in  Personal risk taking, growth and change create opportunities for people to take initiative, trusting that they will grow, develop and perform • People should want to get involved and feel able to make a difference • Empower by creating space where employees can step in 8.2: The Basics: Leadership in Action • You need an honest knowledge of your strengths and limitations in order to lead others • It is important to: 1. Build on your natural leadership inclinations 2. Learn what will motivate followers 3. Recognize and build on the contributions of others 4. Excel on the leadership triangle: People, Vision and Execution 5. Align your style with organizational needs and challenges 6. Remember the importance of focus 8.3: The Importance of Leadership • Modern observers of organizations are often dismissive of leadership. • The belittling of leadership represents a reaction to overemphasis on leadership in the past. • As if in response to the hero worship of yesteryear
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