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Chapter 1

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PSYC 4030
Diane Lawless

PCIT Chapter 1  Overview of PCIT: o What is pcit?  Evidence based behavioural parent training- Sheila eyeberg  Coaches parents; usually coached through 1 way mirror  Hearing aide  CDI-child directed interaction=traditional play therapy skills to enhance r/s o Praising, reflecting, imitating, enthusiasm  PDI-parent decreasing interaction=improving child compliance and reducing disruptive behaviours o Time out, rules  Short term intervention- 12 one hr weekly sessions; not time limited  Skill mastery-progression; successful when child improves within normal limits  Typical course of treatment: o Pre treatment assessment; interview, history, Q, o Begins with cdi-teaches basics to parents first  Didactic presentation, discussion, modeling, role modelling, role playing  Encouraged to question; after 4 session usually move to discipline  Begin cdi by viewing both child n parent in clinic and other  After treatment they get certificate, and children a prize o Usually after 6 disciplinary  Post treatment eval; repeated improvements  Booster session at 3 mos o Table 1.1.  1. Pre treatment assessment of child and family 1-2  2. Teaching child directed interaction 1  3. Coaching cdi 3-4  4. Teaching pdi 1  5. Coaching parent directed interaction 4-6  6. Post treatment of child family functioning 1-2  7. Boosters  Theoretical and historical underpinnings: o Operant, child psych, early child dev. o Baumrind-dual need for love and rules= warm=secure sense of attachment  Ie cdi/ pdi o Baumrid- social learning –pattersons coercion-disruptive developed through reinforcement such as negative attn and escaping demands o Eyeberg-hanf-2 stage operant model for handicapped  Differential reinforcement- view+ ignore negatives- 1  Then give direction- full out compliance needed/ time out  Worked with parent and child together  Behavioural and therapeutic changes seen  Play- primary medium of problem solving skills and working through mental problems  Key features of pcit: o 1.Working with parent and child together-  Influence over them, may cause problems for children  Early childhood- center of their worlds  Even preschool time to teach as kids don’t cognitively get influenced from friends  Then in later childhood friends take over as well as peers teachers; need of autonomy; influence pales  Cheaper to do pcit than magical therapy drop off o 2.Direct coaching of parent-child interaction:  Direct coaching; skills taught; many ads over indirect method  A. Parental errors can be corrected, before well ingrained  B. Unique challenges of children- more p
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