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PHIL 1070

Samantha Service Collingwood Reading Questions 1. In this selection, Collingwood states “the right answer to a question is the answer which enables us to get ahead with the process of questioning and answering.” I think this is an example of a proposition that is true in the context of a “complex of question and answer” and false in another. Of this proposition, one can ask many questions that could either support it or dispute it. Depending on the opinions and experiences of who is disputing the proposition, it could be both true and false.Any proposition such as the one Collingwood makes could be disputed or supported as true or false. Some may argue that the right answer is the one that can be factually proven. Others may argue that the right answer is the one that leads to more questions. This proposition can lead to many complexes of questions or answers disputing its truth or falsity. 2. For the first selection, it seemed that Collingwood was answering how one should best acquire knowledge. He explains that learning does not come from digging up facts, but rather by asking questions and inquiring deeper into the topic you are learning about. He states that what one learns depends on the questions one is asking. True knowledge comes from understanding, and one person’s understanding of a subject may differ from another’s. The knowledge you acquire is dependent on the questions you ask. In the second selection, I believe that Collingwood was answering th
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