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Textbook Notes for Ecology at University of Georgia (UGA)

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UGAECOL 1000Scott ConnellyFall

ECOL 1000 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Sulfur Dioxide, Lignite, Wellhead

OC12325972 Page
27 Feb 2017
Sand washed by hot water and solvents: remove bitumen. Producing oil sands and oil shale draw heavily on water. As conventional crue gets more expensiv
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UGAECOL 3505HFord BallantyneFall

ECOL 3505H Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Red Queen Hypothesis, Genotype Frequency, Allele Frequency

OC4985503 Page
3 Oct 2016
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UGAECOL 4000DrakeFall

ECOL 4000 Chapter Notes - Chapter 17: Germination, Pioneer Species, Marchantiophyta

OC13692704 Page
6 Dec 2016
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