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Brock University
Child and Youth Studies
John Mc Namara

Child and Youth Studies CHYS 1F90
 Dr. J. McNamara Fall/Winter 2010 Lecture Outline  Intelligence cont’d  Metacognition  Self-regulated learning Range of Intelligence How is Intelligence Measured?  WISC – IV  However, …  Doesn’t consider Multiple Intelligence Theory  Doesn’t consider culture  How stable are IQ scores across childhood? – Scores at age 8 correlate with scores at age 18 (.70) – many children show fluctuations  Increase or decrease; not random  Environment important What do IQ Scores Predict?  Scholastic achievement – .50 correlation with future grades  Vocational outcome – occupation – Education Factors that Influence IQ  Evidence for Heredity – Twin Studies  Identical twins’ IQ correlated more than fraternal  Evidence for Heredity – Adoption Studies  Adopted children’s IQs resemble biological parents more than adopted parents Multiple Intelligences  R. Sternberg – 9 Intelligences – Spatial – Linguistic – Logical - mathematical – Bodily - kinesthetic – Musical – Interpersonal – Intrapersonal – Naturalistic – Existential Intelligence is a stable trait?  Evidence for Environment – Parental attitude and child-rearing practices – Socioeconomic status  Evidence for Environment – Brain malleability Self Regulated Learning  A cyclical process of forethought, performance control, and self reflection The Task  Reading a chapter  Studying for an exam  Learning to read  Riding a bike  Etc. Domain Knowledge  The task itself cues your domain or previous knowledge  D
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