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Language Development: Week 7

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Child and Youth Studies
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Anthony Volk

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Week 7 Language Development CHYS 2P10 Dr Tony Volk What Is LanguageMakes humans uniqueonly species that uses complex languagey Arbitrarinessuses symbols that are not related to the concept that they represent eg yhieroglyphics vs English lettersProductivitycan produce communications that are unique can express completely novel ideas y Semanticitylanguage represents a form of patterned informationy o Follows a patternDisplacementlanguage is independent of time so you can talk about past present and future yo Talk about things that happened yesterday as well as talking about things that will happen tomorrow o Everything you think has happened to you so far is a memoryyou talk about is languagelanguage is independent of timeDualitylanguage is represented on two levels the sounds of the language and its underlying ymeaning o Words can have the same sounds but have different meaning Language DevelopmentLanguage development occurs universally and usually progresses through common stages y o Crying 04msimple form of languageshowing basic desires food pain sleep etc o Cooingbabbling 412 months o Initial words 1218 months o Twoword sentences 1836 months o Short sentences 255y o Adult usage 5y These ages are approximatebut not very strongly correlated with later outcomesyAlso often involves body gestures that appear at an early agedifferent between different ycultures although some are constant among culturesComponents of Language Phonological DevelopmentWhy English sounds different than Italian and why Italian sounds different than German etc yWhat happens during early months 1st year of lifelearning SOUNDSyPhonological development refers to learning the sounds of a languageyBabbling includes subset of language sounds may serve a social functionyBabbling initially universal then specificy o Babbling is universalbut then it is trimmed down based on which language you learn Babbling appears to arise from the same neural structures as language eg left lobey Video 1203 o Babbling appears to be a form of language
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