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Lecture 4

CHYS 2P15 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Kindergarten, End Time

Child and Youth Studies
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Dawn Zinga

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CLIO Journal
Date: January 28th,, 2016 Start Time: 9:00am End time: 12:00pm # Hours: 3 h
Location: Elementary School
Context: Observing the children as they come to understand their new class pet
Age/Grade Level: Junior Kindergarten/Senior Kindergarten classroom
Descriptive Observations:
- Had this opportunity when the children had just come inside in the morning to begin their day
-This occurred at approximately 9:00 am
-The children quickly realized there was a cage in their classroom that housed a little furry
-Watched how the kids interacted with this novel experience as they tried to figure out what his
animal was
-All of the kids quickly gathered around the cage and were completely transfixed
-Some of them started shouting out potential names for the animal, the others tried to figure out
what kind of animal it was
-The children started to ignore my, as well as the teachers’, instruction due to this major
-Through this event, the children discussed and whispered amongst themselves characteristics of
the animal in hopes to come up with a conclusion about what type of animal it is
-For example, some of the observations that children made were that the animal is tiny, its very
fluffy and he enjoys running on the wheel in his cage
-Some of the students offered up answers and suggestions but were refuted by conflicting
-One of the students mentioned that the animal could be a rat, but another student brought up
how this animal didn't have a long tail or long whiskers like a rat does
-The entire experience consisted of the children trying to use their past knowledge to try to
identify the animal and trying to fit the characteristic information in with what they already
know about other animals
-They tried to accommodate this knowledge in their already existing mental schemas
-This whole incident made me think about how children come to learn about things they have
had no prior knowledge about or exposure too
-I wondered how these children knew to discount other children’s idea with conflicting
information they accessed from their long-term memory about what characteristics are rat-like
and which are hamster like
-I thought about the dynamic of the whole situation also
-Surely one of the students must have had a hamster before or have come into contact with one
before, so why didn't those children speak up?
-This question made me wonder if there is a hierarchy among the children’s in this class
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