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Lecture 6

CHYS 2P15 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Phonics, End Time

Child and Youth Studies
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Dawn Zinga

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CLIO Journal
Date: February 4th, 2016 Start Time: 9:00am End time: 12:00pm # Hours: 3 h
Location: Elementary School
Context: Assisting the children while they work on their Jolly Phonics crafts
Age/Grade Level: Junior Kindergarten/Senior Kindergarten classroom
Descriptive Observations:
- Had this opportunity while working with the children individually
-Throughout my service-learning placement, each week I have been dedicated a portion of my
time in my setting to creating a Jolly Phonics letter craft with each child
-I repeat this craft activity each week because the children learn about a different letter each
-The activity consists of me asking the child the name of the letter that is printed in bubble letters
on a craft sheet, ask them what sound it makes, ask them to write out their name on the piece of
paper and tell me if they have that specific letter in their name
-When I first started doing these crafts with the children, the classroom teacher informed me that
most of the children don't know how to write their names yet and if they do, it will be very sloppy
and illegible
-Because of this, she told me to write out their name for them in yellow marker on the bottom of
the craft sheet of paper and tell them to trace their name in pencil so they can get use to the
motions of physically writing the letters
-After this, she told me that if they were still having trouble keeping inside the letter outline than
using a method she referred to as “hand-on-hand”
-This method entails letting them hold the pencil in their hand and allowing them to attempt
writing their name but guiding their hand with my hand supporting the correct physical
-At the beginning of the placement, I need to use this “hand-on-hand technique with most of the
-Today was the first day that I did not need to use this method for one of the children that
constantly needed this support to write their name
-Every week I ask the children if they want me to write out their name to help them or if they can
do it themselves and this was the first day this particular child said no to this option as well
-I didn't think there was any credit to this method at the time the teacher was explaining it to me
-I could not imagine it being very effective
-Now that I think about it, this teacher has been teaching kindergarten for fifteen years and I
made this snap judgment about the effectiveness of one of her methods based on no real evidence
but my own assumptions
-The more I reflected on it, I realized that I have no knowledge to support this judgment on
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