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Chapter 14 – Advertising and Digital Communications Advertising  Advertising - paid, nonpersonal communication through various media about a business firm, not-for-profit organization, or idea by a sponsor identified in a message that is intended to inform, persuade or remind members of a particular audience  Types of advertising o Product – non personal selling of particular product o Institutional – promotion of the idea and concept  Objectives of advertising o Informative – focus on primary demand, introductory phase o Persuasive – done for existing products, growth or early maturity phase o Reminder – reinforce previous promotional activities, late maturity or declining stage Advertising Strategies  Comparative advertising – emphasizes messages with direct or indirect promotional comparisons between competing brands  Celebrity testimonials – use of celebrity spokespeople for products o Improve product recognition and reach consumers of various ethnic groups o Build brand equity but also hurt it  Retail advertising – all advertising by retail stores that sell goods and services directly to the consumers o Cooperative advertising – retailer shares advertising costs with an manufacturer or wholesaler  Interactive advertising – two-way promotional messages transmitted through communication channels that induce message recipients to participate actively in the promotional effort  Cross promotion – marketing partners share costs of a promotional campaign that meets their mutual needs o Co-branding – corporations team up to closely link their names o Co-marketing – two businesses jointly market each others products Creating an Advertisement  Companies must creative effective and memorable ads that increase sales and enhance a firm’s image o Benefits have to be emphasized o Combination of verbal and visual cues o Believable and meaningful data  Advertising campaign – series of different buy related ads that use a single theme and appear in different media within a specified time period  Steps to creating advertisement o Understanding the target audience o Establish the message objective Chapter 14 – Advertising and Digital Communications o Define budget o Create ad o Pre testing o Decide media tone o Media scheduling o Evaluation of the impact of advertisement  Execution method o Demonstrations o Testimonials o Slice of life o Demonstrate lifestyle  Tone o Straight forward o Humour o Dramatics o Romantic o Fearful Advertising Messages  Appeals o Practical appeals o Emotional appeals  Fear  Humour  Ads based on sex  Developing and preparing ads o After idea conception, ad must be refined from rough sketch to finished layout o Print media advertisements must have headlines, illustrations, body and signature  Creating interactive ads o Used of advertising in games o Banners and pop-ups o Social networking advertising (new form of online advertising) o Missile – interactive message that appears on the webpage at the right moment o Keyword ads – ads linked to key word searches o Interstitials – ads appearing between webpages of related contents o Adware – messages sh
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