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SOCIOL 1A06 Lecture Notes - Gender Inequality, Social Inequality, Social Forces

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Tina Fetner

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Sociology 1A03 Jan 4/10
Inequality (Stratification)
Inequality is sociology’s central concern
What causes inequality?
What are the social forces that generate social inequality
o How are they reinforced, maintained, or disrupted
How does inequality reproduce itself?
How should we measure inequality?
Vectors of Inequality
Income/wealth inequality
Class (related to income, not the same)
o Measured in chunks or strata
o Refers to things like social status
Gender inequality
Racial/ethnic inequality
Age-based inequality
o Relative to working adults vs. seniors/young
What is Inequality?
The degree to which resources are distributed unevenly
Voice representation in media
Access to power
Why does inequality matter?
All societies have some degree inequality
Great variation in the amount
Greater inequality creates social problems
o Poverty, health, quality of life
o These are the outcomes of inequality
Social Organization
Inequality is important part of the social structure
Part of the organization of our social lives
Affects daily lives
Affects behaviours of individuals
Affects attitudes and ideas
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