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Lecture 6

COMM 151 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Merit Pay, Goal Setting, Job Performance

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COMM 151
Christopher Miners

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COMM 151: Lecture Six 2018-01-28
Motivation and Job Performance Part 2
Review of Last Class:
Motivation is the extent to which persistent effort is directed towards a goal
Equity Theory
o Belief that you should be treated fairly
o Comparison of performance and rewards with that of coworkers
o Low salary for high performance: Sink to level of performance that warrants
lower salary
o High salary for low performance: Come up with reasons why they deserve the
money and not increase motivation
Goal Setting Theory
o Employees are motivated to attain goals when those goals are specific and
(optimally) challenging
o Goals are most affected when accepted by workers, or, even better, when workers
are actively involved in setting them
o Goals are most effective with frequent feedback
Job Characteristics Model
o Core job characteristics: Skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy,
feedback from job
Job Performance:
Performance is the extent to which an employee contributes to achieving the objectives of
the organization
Three dimensions to job performance
o Task Performance: How well you do on the tasks that are formally assigned to
you/are a part of your job description
o Organizational Citizenship Behaviour: Not directly tied to assigned tasks but
nonetheless help the organization to succeed
o Counterproductive Work Behaviour: Voluntary (not accidental) behaviour that
actively harms the organization
The dimensions that contribute most to job performance assessments vary from one
manager to the next
o Three types of managers:
Task performance dominates assessment
Counterproductive dominates assessment
Task and counterproductive weighted equally
Strongest performers
o Individuals who score high on IQ tests
o Individuals who score high on EI tests
o Conscientious individuals
o Extraverts are good performers, especially in managerial and sales jobs
o Agreeableness is associated with job performance, but less so than
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