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Lecture 8

GPHY 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Social Darwinism, Edward Said, ConsumerismPremium

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GPHY 101
L. Cameron

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GPHY 101: October 30, 2018 - Week 8 Politics/Colonialism
Spotlight speakers: Professor Anne Godlewska and Dr. Laura Schaefli
Dr. Laura Schaefli:
What is Ignorance?
o Ignorance is an absence of information or knowledge on specific issues, in
this case, the tre2atment of indigenous cultures
o We must decolonize our thinking and continue to decolonize and share
what we learn
Reserves Are Where Indigeneity Is
o Reserves are where indigenous people live and identify with their
They are far away from cities
Separate from Western culture
o Traditional territories are areas that indigenous people normally lived on in
the past, but reserves are the areas they live in now, in present day
Traditional territories still have indigenous people living in them, but
they are mixed with Western culture, whereas reserves are land
that is only reserved for indigenous people
o Association of indigeneity with the non-earth
o Governments want to
o Tendency to situate reserves as
Reserves Are Gifts
o The government gives land to indigenous people as a generous entity
through treaties that are often unfair to them
o Evacuates the indigenous sovereignty in Canada
Places previous territories in the past
Reserves Are Sites of Privilege
o Reserves are where you do not have to pay taxes
Indigenous people who choose to continue to live in their traditional
territories are not often offered the same privileges
o Other reserve specific differences are being framed as privileges and are
considered an “act of reconciliation” of the Government of Canada
Regular Lecture:
o “The deliberate exercise of military power and economic influence by
powerful states in order to advance or secure their national interests”
(textbook pg.48)
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