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Political Studies
POLS 110
Kim Richard Nossal

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 POLS 110- Week 3, Lecture 2 The State and Political Authority  No state able to perform these varied functions by power (or influence) alone  Authority is crucial  Importance of supreme political authority: who is entitled to command, and who is obligated to obey? Supreme Political Authority  In antiquity, locus of supreme political authority located in particular institutions and individuals: o Nswt, oba, basileus, imperator,pontifex, maximus, consul  However, the idea of supreme political authority not well articulated The Modern State  Supreme political authority as an articulated idea  Emergence of ideology of supreme political authority: o The idea of sovereignty What is sovereignty is not  The ability to make decisions indigenously (rather than to be ruled by others) = independence  The ability to make decisions as one pleases = autonomy The puzzle  Why can we say that
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