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Chapter Eleven Leading and Leadership Development GMS Notes Leadershipthe process of inspiring others to work hard to accomplish important tasks Powerthe ability to get someone else to do something you want done or to make things happen the way you want Position Powerbased on things managers can offer others Reward Powerthe capacity to offer something of value as a means of influencing people If you do what I ask Ill give you a reward Coercionthe capacity to punish or withhold positive outcomes as a means of influencing other people If you dont do what I ask Ill punish you Legitimate powerthe capacity to influence other people by virtue of formal authority or the rights of office Because I am the boss you must do as I ask Power of the Personbased on how managers are viewed by others Expert Powerthe capacity to influence other people because of specialized knowledge You should do what I want because of my special expertise or information Referent powerthe capacity to influence other people because of their desire to identify personally with you You should do what I want in order to maintain a positive selfdefined relationship with me Leadership and Vision Visiona clear sense of the future Visionary leadershipbrings to the situation a clear sense of the future and an understanding of how to get there Servant leadershipleadership based on commitment to helping others in their work Empowermentenables others to gain and use decisionmaking power Leadership stylesthe recurring pattern of behaviours exhibited by a leader concern for the task to be accomplished and concern for the people doing the work
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