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Global Management Studies
GMS 802

Philip Chung 2. Based on your calculations: a) How would you evaluate the nurse recruiting strategy currently being used by the hospital?  I would pay particular attention to direct applications through walk-ins, newspaper and journal ads and direct write-ins (in that order) as their quality of acceptance is low (i.e. greater than 1.5).  Another precaution is the recruitment through community colleges as the one- year survival yield is relatively high (2).  The other recruitment sources indicates possibility of good quality candidates b) Is the hospital using too few or too many recruiting sources? Why? If you believe that the hospital is using too many recruitment sources, which ones would you eliminate and why?  I would say they are using to many resources because their Average cost per Nurse hire could be lowered if they eliminated Private employment agency and hospital-based schools as recruiting sources.  Instead they can focus their resources on other recruitment sources such as community colleges and job fairs as their yield ratio is close to 1  Moreover, university programs is also a good source, as the average cost is very low. As well any cost savings through this method can be used to improve job retention. 3. What are the implications of the data in Exhibit 2 with respect to the
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