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Lecture 4

GRA 216 week 4

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GRA 216
Christopher Smyth

GRA 216 September 23, 2013 Lecture 3 The RFP Process  Request for proposal o For value-added services Slide 3  With tenders, evaluating who else is out there 2. Everyone needs an equal opportunity to respond 4. Too much risk 5. Prove a point o Framework of discussion for how much it costs 7. How quick do you need this? 8. Might have a contract Slide 4  RFI (to learn about the print/info) before RFP  Make sure their qualified (RPI)  How much job will cost (RFQ)  Last picking work to your advantage Slide 5  Price checking on job  Understood it’s the intent o Definitely going ahead with it Slide 7  Can they deliver what they’re saying Slide 8  Can also stand for Request for Qualifications Slide 10  All set up in advance so framework can be solved Slide 11  Service level agreement: what is our obligation? o Ex: fixed in 3 hours  Statement of work: estimate Slide 12  Include your strategy  What are you trying to achieve? Slide 15  Really complicated Slide 16  Are you the best one to be working on this?  Do you have the capacity and press time? Slide 17 -variable campaign -not unethical  makes it harder for competitor -forced to respond too make it expensive that no one will ever look at it  Make it hard for competition to win  Go for a higher price even if you don’t want to win  Variable marketing  If you don’t respond 2 – 3 times in a row you’ll be off the vendor list  When you don’t want the job, make the cost of the job higher  RFPs take a considerable amount of time to make o Internal training required  Customers value your response o Taking advantage as they want to compare your numbers with another company’s Slide 18 -know the buyer strategy -know if they’re looking for a better process  soft proofing is what most companies are still looking for -are they objectives oriented  clear listing of what you will learn and what you need to do, and why they’re doing it -specific problems to solve  for better layout ideas -understand the different levels of management  Clear listing so you’ll learn what you need to do and why they’re doing it  Looking for improved processes  Easy for company to shift gears if they have good suppliers Slide 19 -company may call you for RFP  if they call you it may be a fixed game -media, hard copy, fax, email…how is it being delivered -number of copies  how many are you looking for -is there a short-listing step?  do a rough evaluation to make sure what you’re doing  get up in front of everyone to make this RFP presentation -how are sub-contractors viewed?  printing downstairs where there are no actual designers, so you hire them, you as the company that hire them have to make sure they do their job right  has to be all done in house, be confidential, don’t want to share that you hire other designers -contract to sign? Magazines are usually 3 years  Standard places you can get an RFP o Company might call you to tell you they sent you an RFP  Could be fixed  Anythingndbove a certain material step o 2 step would be a presentation  Sales people love vendor presentations o Usually one on one  Not all companies like sub-contractors because of confidentiality o All work has to be done in-house Slide 20 -desirable requirements: they want to see previous work, kind of like a reference check -how decisions are really made?  make a check list, and make a decision -is the selection final?  Mandatory requirements lists what has to be in the RFP  Decision support system o Rating systems  Try to find out whether you’re winning or losing o Might not always tell you Slide 21 -who really benefits from good info?  the company and you because you can produce info more economically  Did you get the RFP in an email, online, or in the mail?  Vendor conference/presentation o Can hear other vendor questions  Question and answer policy of vendor o Can say it doesn’t make sense  Have to be careful what you’re asking Slide 22  If you have a good chance of winning then invest it  Does the winner get all the business o Will try to keep certain percentage with another company  No RFP is forever Slide 23 -boiler-plate info  isn’t live info, or real info, or valid info  make sure you use real manufacturing info -setting strategies for product lines  know what the customer wants  they are looking to drive a percentage of sales -setting competitive strategies  know what you’re better at -financing and cost alternatives  billing -identify terminology-speck the same language  make sure the other person knows what you’re talking about  Get people who are experienced  Sales people have made money already o Don’t care as much o Have people that you need instead  Boiler-plate information isn’t live or real or valid  For personalizing proposals use real manufacturing information  Why are you better and what do you do differently  Desirable requirements comes down to billing and cost alternatives Slide 24 Give room for people to work in -give people space so they can organize in -identify sequence of statements  to put it all together  How much effort is it going to take?  How is it written?  Assign responsibilities to people  How you’re going to put it together  Give people the time to work on it Slide 26  Keep it brief  Give a position Slide 27 review statement with positions make sure you know what you’re talking about  Make sure person reading it understands it o Be sympathetic, not cold and analytical  Give them solutions from a client’s perspective o Give examples of where you’ve done this before Slide 28  Explain why they’re objective  Thing they haven’t though about Slide 29 Statement of work  what’s going to be built and what’s going to be delivered -methodology issues  how you communicate, train processes  What’s going to be supplied/delivered?  How you document/communicate on tho
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