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Human Resources Management Ch 7

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Human Resources
MHR 523
Margaret Yap

Chapter 7 Selection Selection process of choosing among individuals who have been recruited to fill existingprojected job openings 1. Preliminary applicant screening forms, resumes 2. Selection testing standardized, reliable & valid 3. Selection interview interviewer: assess applicant qualifications, behaviour; applicant: present positive image, sell skills, market positive attributes 4. Background investigationreference checking dates of employment, job title (ranks), salary level, criminal records, edu.,9L43OL.0380*K489.425,3 80O1-owned business) 5. Supervisory interview & realistic job preview 6. Hiring decision & candidate notification give reasonable length of time for decision Guidelines for Avoiding Legal Problems: selection criteria based on job, adequate assessment of applicant ability, careful scrutiny of applicant-provided information, written authority for reference checking, save all records & information; reject applicants who make false statements Selection ratio number of applicants hired total number of applicants Multiple-hurdle strategy approach to selection involving series of successive stepshurdles; only candidates clearing hurdle are permitted to move onto next step; pre-screening, testing, interview, background check Reliability interviews, tests, other sele
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