MHR 405 Lecture Notes - Interactional Justice, Organizational Learning, Social Influence

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Published on 14 Feb 2014
Class 5 Feb 7/ 2014
We work with other people, we need to convey our thoughts, feelings and ideas to others and
we have to do it effectively where it is understood by other people; it’s not just the transmission,
it’s the interpretation of that transmission making it two or more way process.
One of the reasons that it is important to understand communication because people who work
in production engage in a communisation episode once every 4 minutes while this is not really a
major part of their job.
First level managers (entry level) they spend 20-50% of their time to verbal communication and
middle and upper level managers, 66-99% of their time engaging in verbal communication and
this raises when we include written communication
Importance of Communication
1. Coordinate work activities: communicating with others; teams know what someone else
is doing on their task, when their going to meet, what they are going to be bringing
whether it is virtual meetings or face-to-face meetings. The way we coordinate our work
activities based on communication
2. Vehicle for organizational learning: how would you know how your organization did over
the past quarter in terms of production? This information will be provided to us via verbal
or written communication such as reports, company-wide memos, emails, etc.
3. Decision-making does not occur without communication as well as the acceptance of the
decision and conveying the results of an outcome of the decision. Interactional justice is
treating people with dignity and respect and how communication is presented, as
everyone will interpret the information differently. Communication that suffers results in
counterproductive behaviour verging on criminal activity amongst employees
4. Influencing others: trying to persuade others to go along with what you have presented
5. Employee well-being: in a situation where we are not able to interact with others, we
tend to see less satisfied employees. We need to structure interaction with other
employees within organizaitions.
Communication Process Model
1. Figure out how to encode my message and present it to others (i.e.) thinking what I want
to say and then formulating a method to get my ideas out to others
2. Once I encode it, I send it out
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