RMG 303 Lecture Notes - G1 Phase

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Published on 17 May 2011
Ryerson University
Retail Management
RMG 303
Gap 1 What the customer expectation (Knowledge Gap)
Not knowing what the customers expect
Inadequate Marketing Research Orientation
Lack of Upward Communication
Insufficient Relationship Focus
Inadequate Service Recovery
Gap 2 Service design [Greetings] (Specification Gap)
Not selecting the right service design and standards
Poor Service Design
Absence of Customer-Driven Standards
Inappropriate Physical Evidence and Servicescape
Gap 3 Idea of customers expectations but delivery falls through (Delivery Gap)
Not delivering services according to the standard
Deficiencies in Human Resource Policies
Failure to Match Supply and Demand
Customers not Fulfilling Roles
Problems with Service Intermediaries
Gap 4 Advertisements misleading (Promise Gap)
Not matching performance to promise
Lack of Integrated Services Marketing Communications
Ineffective Management of Customer Expectations
Inadequate Horizontal Communications
Gap 5 All of the above (Service Gap)
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