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SOC 103 Ch.5 - Socialization

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SOC 103
Terry Roswell

SOC 103 Ch5Socialization Socialization as HumanizationHumans are not born but developed through socializationSocialization starts in infancy and is lifelongIndividuals constantly renew their selvesSelf is the sense of who and what we are where we belong how we behaveAnna was permanently damaged Genies language remained that of a child and she lives in a home Human Development Nature and NurtureNature Human life depends on the functioning of the body and heredity plays a part in biological traits intelligence and personalityNurture Current values and behaviour are so different from grandparents with whom we share genes that learning must be essentialNurture is our natureDefinitions of SocializationSocialization is a learning process that involves development or changes in the individuals sense of self process by which people learn their culturePrimary socialization is the socialization that occurs during childhoodSecondary socialization is the socialization that occurs later in life Culture is learned in two ways1 Individ
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