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Business Administration
BUS 272
Christopher Zatzick

BUS 272 Organization Behaviour Chapter 1 notes Organization behaviour field of studieds that looks at the impact of individuals groups and structure have on behaviour within organizations Its purpose is to apply such knowledge towards improving an organizational effectiveness Organization consciously coordinated social unit composed of a group of people that functions on a relatively continous basis to achieve a common goal or seto Socal entities peopleo Goal oriented o Deliberately structuredconsciously coordinated o Continuous basis Basic OB model Organization systems level Group level Individual levelEach levl is constructed upon the previous level group concepts are built on the foundation we lay out Ech has callenges that can affect how the levels above andor below might operate Challenges at the individual levelHow to behave ethically in the face of competing demands from different stake holders Needing to learn how to work wdiff people indivs have diff lvls of job satisfication motives Thus affects how managers manage employees1 Individual differences diff characters percetion personality values attutudes2 Job satisfactionsatisfymore productiveconcernnegatively related to absenteerismamounds ofannually3 Motivation 4 Empowermentmanagers responsibility for empolee satsfactionhappinessasked to share moer of their powers wemployeesmanagers are reffered as coaches advisors sponsors of facilitators rather than bossesin some org emplyeesassociates or teammates
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