PEDS203 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Motor Learning, Motor Skill, Situation Two

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September 7th Intro to Motor Performance and Learning
What is a motor behavior?
The study of changes
What is motor learning or skill acquisition?
The gain of a relatively permanent change in movement behavior as a
function of practice of experience
What is motor control or skill performance?
The study of posture and movement and the underlying mechanisms
What is motor development?
The sequential, continuous, are related process where by movement
behavior changes
What is a motor skill?
A skill for which the primary determinant of success is the quality of the
What are the 4 types of focus on a task?
Goal directed
o Preforming a specific task to complete a goal
o Winking
Involve movement
Require learning
o You need practice before can acquire that skill
Not reflexes because you can not control that
What is the situation-based approach to skill performance and learning?
Incorporates and understands the role of the person, task and the
environment into developing a skill
What are the 3 types of constraints to consider when developing a skill?
Individual constraints
Task constraints
Environmental constraints
o If you go into a pool you will have to swim because you can not walk
on water
What are the 3 steps to a motor skill?
1. Perception
a. Relevant stimuli
2. Decision making
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