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Jan 16 - Chap6 Selecting and Using Protective equipment.doc

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Physical Education and Sport
Brad Kern

Jan 16 – Chap 6: Selecting and Using Protective Sports Equipment • Selection, fitting and maintenance of protective equipment are critical in injury prevention • Know the equipment associated with your sport, not just what your athletes would use (ex. A hockey coach should also know about goalie equipment) • Athletic trainers and coaches must have knowledge of protective equipment available for different sports and proper fitting procedures • Protection is critical in contact and collision sports Safety Standards for Equipment and Facilities • Coaches should have concerns relative to materials, durability, establishment of standards, manufacturing, testing methods, and requirements for use (concern should be protective ability not appearance of equipment. This mainly applies to helmets) • Standards must be in place relative to maintenance • A number of groups and agencies are involves in standardizing sports equipment and facilities (page 103, focus box). These groups include NCAA, American national standards institute etc. Equipment Reconditioning and Recertification • NOCSAE has established test standards in order to reduce head injuries • NOCSAE stands for National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment • NOCSAE are responsible for the accepted standards for many sport organizations such as NCAA • NOCSAE sets minimum safety requirements for helmets and masks for football, baseball/softball and lacrosse • the type of helmet, amount of use/intensity will determine condition of help ov
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